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Write For Us!

Do you have an interesting story, testimonial, or advice that can benefit the side writing community?

Are you able to write an article that people just have to share with their friends?

If you think you have something that is valuable for the readers of this site then you can talk to me about your idea.

Please send a few things to me BEFORE you write the article:

  • Your name and background: How you first heard about sidewriting would be a nice start.
  • The idea for your article: elevator pitch please, and how long (preferably 500-800 words)
  • At least 3 titles for your potential article: it really is that important
  • A way to know you are a real person. Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc.

If you have these things together send them to me in an email at

If you don’t have these things together and you email me I won’t ask you to write the article. Following your client’s direction is a huge part of being a successful freelancer.

What’s In It For Me?!

Good question.

You will have your post paraded on the home page of the site for a few weeks, and all the subscribers will learn about your post through the email newsletter.

You’ll also get a link to your site, full credit for the writing, and a streamlined process for future submissions

Last, but not least, you get paid!

Yep, I will pay you $20 to write something engaging and useful. The standards are high, but if you think you can handle it give me a buzz.