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The Process That I Used to Write My First Book and What I’m Doing Different This Time

This month, authors across the globe are going bananas for something called National Novel Writing Month (NanoWriMo for short). People who've wanted to write a novel their entire lives will fulfill that vision. Many already successful writers will use it as motivation to pump out another.

About this time last year, I started writing my first book. While it isn't a novel it was the first time I set a goal (of that size) and kept going until it was complete. It was actually published on my son's first birthday.

It was an exhilarating feeling and is the reason many of you are reading this post. Now, as I have been reflecting on all that the first book has done for me (and hopefully you); I have decided to write another book. Actually two.

You see, I'm a huge advocate for using the basic skill of writing to create a better life. A little extra cash to do things you wouldn't have been able to do living paycheck to paycheck. Making money on the side through writing blog posts, articles, and copywriting for other businesses has been the main way that I've done that.

Now, I'm concentrating on (while continuing freelancing) building up assets that continuously make money after being written once (i.e. books). So, I figured I would start out by sharing a little about my first process with you, how I'm going to do it differently, and then ask you for your help!

I can sum up the first book into 3 simple steps


I can honestly surmise that if I hadn't had outlined the first book it wouldn't have ever seen the light of day. This step is definitely ​staying in my strategy for the next 2, but more on that in a second.

If I hadn't outlined my first book it would have never been released.

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Essentially, I just wrote my table of contents before any of the pages. This made writing the rest incredibly easy​


This one isn't so good. There is nothing wrong with quickly moving toward a goal, but there is when it comes to sacrificing quality. I rushed to get the first book out. This left me with grammatical errors and a sub-par launch. I should have taken another week to plan things out, get it edited, etc.. 

Now, I'm actually re-editing the first book, adding a little content, and re-launching it, but more on that later.​

This is not something I plan on repeating.​


There are several book promotion sites out there, and I used several of them. This led to a decent book launch, but not as good as I had hoped. A little more effort (less rush) would have made a huge difference. ​

How I'm Going to Do it This Time

Well, I guess I should say, "how I'm already doing it this time". Because I've already started. I've got a theme, title, and outline. I've even started on the content of the first book. It's a shorter guide to helping people who aren't the best at being their own boss. I came up with this thanks to the help of one of our readers, Cynthia (Thanks, Cynthia!).

If all goes well, I should have the rough draft done within the next week or two. Then it will be edited (more) properly. I'll have a couple of covers to choose from (you can help me pick the best). Then I'll pre-launch the book, schedule a proper grand opening and let 'er rip.

How You Can Help

I want this second book to be just as quick, but not rushed. Meaning I want to stick with a good timeline, but have it be a better product and experience a better launch. That's where you come into play. 

I need help deciding on the best cover and I need people to get an advanced copy to review it in Amazon! In order for this to happen I need you to sign up for my launch team . 

What You'll Get

First, you'll have my gratitude, but that's not all. You'll get an advanced copy of the book for free and for the first 7 people who email me at joining my launch team will get a 30 Skype call with me. Consider it a virtual coffee where we can talk about your business, hang-ups, and ask any questions that you want about freelancing!

Email me now​ and we'll get it scheduled!

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