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Stop Watching T.V and Get Some Work Done…By Leaving the House

Freelance writing has many benefits like the ability to work in your pajamas from your couch and having a flexible schedule. The downside of working from home is the monotony of it all, and the incredible number of distractions. I can’t tell you how many times I walk from my office to my refrigerator just to open it up and realize that I’m not hungry I’m stalling.  Working from the same place everyday can make you less productive and less creative. The good news is that you can change your attitude and get more done by working  from a public place. Here’s are a couple of reasons working from a public place is a good thing:

Free Wi-Fi

Cloud AccountingPublic places like coffee shops and cafes have free Wi-Fi which will save you some money on internet data charges. The only disadvantage of going to a coffee shop to access their free Wi-Fi is that you will have to buy lots of coffee if you want to continue using their free Wi-Fi. It won’t be a good image for you if you just drink one cup of coffee but want to access their Wi-Fi all day. One way of dealing with this problem is to work from several different coffee shops or go somewhere else where they offer free Wi-Fi.

It Will Make You Feel More Productive

Sometimes working from home can be very boring and uninspiring. Being in a quiet space everyday can make it very hard to be creative and being caught by the allure of Netflix can destroy an entire day that you could have been getting stuff done. Working from a coffee shop or other hang out creates a whole new environment where you can get your creative juices flowing and feel better.

It Creates A More Sociable Environment

Working from home can get lonely sometimes and some people like the buzz and activity that comes with working from a public place. The background noises you hear while in a café or at the park can create a much more relaxed and productive environment. While it is possible to recreate some of these background noises in your home using certain programs like focus@will, nothing beats being outside and interacting with nature.

This isn’t a cure all for your lack of productivity, but with a few precautions it should help you

Minimize Distractions

Public places have many distractions such as people walking by or kids playing; depending on where you are. It would beat the whole purpose of working from a public place if you can’t get any work done because of distractions so make sure you choose a place where there is minimal distraction.

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Secure

The last thing you want is someone accessing your private information (or even worse a client’s) and using it maliciously. If you are accessing free Wi-Fi from your local coffee shop, ensure that it is secure.

Have Fun, but Not too Much

The reason you are out is to realize that you enjoy what you do again, but if you are really digging the atomosphere to the point of people watching then you might as well have stayed home and get caught in a youtube vortex. Going out to work can be very valuable, but use it carefully. Track your progress and see if it is working for you.

Got any tips for working away from home in your home based business? Leave a comment.

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