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My Morning Routine Could Use Some Work. How About Yours?

Freelancing has so many benefits. You get to work around the things you find important (kids, spouse, etc.). You also set the pace of your day. If you feel like busting out a 12 hour session so your next two days are free then you can. Not to mention the lack of a boss. This can also be a drawback. If you don’t manage yourself well then you may find yourself in dire straights. At least in your business.

Morning Routines…Not a Fan

I don’t mind getting up early, and I love the idea of starting all my client work first thing so once it is done I can work on other aspects of my business. Although, for some reason or another, I just can’t seem to get a steady morning after morning thing going.

It could be because of our just turned one year old, or that I perpetually stay up too late binge watching whatever history channel show just downloaded on Netflix.

Anyway, I have decided that the mornings are the best for me since I am most energetic. My motivation trails off when the sun at the end of the day, and I find it difficult to go head first into anything.

I believe that you have to block off a time daily that you can do your mundane tasks. It doesn’t have to be morning, but if you set aside time to do the things that you would avoid normally then your business will grow.

If you hate cleaning out your inbox. Do it at the same time. If you don’t want to sit down and do your client work (common at times) then you need to have a set time or day and stick with it. Then allow yourself time to work on the things that get you excited. Working on a new business model or creating a website. Whatever makes you excited to be in business do that, but only after your chores are done.

I hereby commit:

  • To wake up by 6:30 (about 1.5 hours before my kiddo)
  • Write the Client Articles I have

Simple enough, and I can usually crank out about 3-4 during that time. So that means that I will be writing about 20-25 articles in about 9 hours if I take an off day. I may have a few more articles in a given week, but sitting down to write 5-10 more articles is a whole lot different to staring down 25 articles that are due in 48 hours, trust me.

How about you?

What are you going to do Tomorrow to set your business up for success? Comment below to tell us.


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