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Are you Stuck? Then Read This.

Trust me. I know that it takes a long time to get motivated if things haven’t been going your way. Especially if you are trying to make your life better.

I’m not one to believe that ‘the universe is working against you’ stuff, but sometimes staying in a positive attitude that keeps you moving towards your goals is so hard that it can seem that there is something working against you.

Typically it’s a type of fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of uncertainty. Even the fear of success could be keeping you from achieving what you want.

While I can’t knock you into your senses I can do my small part and try to show you that some common fears about starting a freelance writing business are bogus at best.

Fear 1 – My Grammar is Horrible

This includes spelling. I recently posted a grammar article on Reddit that I thought would be helpful to some people trying to start out freelancing, and it had an o.k. response. Although, I was surprised to see that there were a lot of uppity people out there who didn’t seem to appreciate it.

You may not think so, but writing isn’t all about having proper sentence structure. It’s more about writing something that people want to read. Telling a story with your blog posts, articles, and copy that people want to read through.

That being said it can be extremely difficult to read anything that doesn’t sound like natural speech or even has too many spelling errors.

So here are a couple of resources:

  • Here is a great post from the NY Times
  • Grammar Girl is a must start here’s the link
  • Here is a book that offers a crash course

Keep in mind that if you have a decent understanding of grammar that’s probably not holding you back

Fear 2 -I Don’t Want to Put Myself Out There

I am the kind of guy that totally believes it is possible to make money from skills that I currently have, but this only happened after I put myself out there. I had to send emails to people I didn’t know to get clients. I had to write things that they would like to make money.

These things make me nervous. I still get butterflies sometimes when I am sending work out to a new client.

What will they think?

Was it good?

One more proofread.

It can be nerve racking.

All I can say to this is get a support system. Get around people that say it is ok for you to try these things. If your parents are always negative then choose not to share. If your friends don’t understand then find others who have been through it or are doing something similar. No link to make you better fast here.

Sometimes you just have to put your head down in the project, and don’t come back up until it works.

Fear 3 -What If I Fail?

I could put some quotes about failing just happens on the way to success. Or talk about Edison inventing the light bulb by failing blah blah number of times, but when you are thinking of putting effort and money into something then you are going to have a reasonable fear of failure.

I can tell you that I have failed at so many ideas and projects. I’ve even had success just to have it ripped away.

If you keep trying to find clients and getting better at writing there is more than enough freelance writing work to go around. One client can bring you $20-$100 a month. If you get only a few of those then you will be in the black.

You can get on Odesk or Elance and put bids on jobs for free. It may take a few tries, but you can land a client.

You can even try content mills like hirewriters or textbroker and turn a profit. It definitely doesn’t pay a whole lot at first, but you can build credibility while getting some experience.

The information in this post isn’t fluff and may not even be that positive, but I do want to encourage you.

Put your head down.

Find those first few clients.

Build your confidence.

My next post will be out this week and will be way more positive. I promise.

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