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5 Ways to Earn Your Christmas Budget by Freelance Writing

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We have officially entered fall. Some of us are sad and some are happy, but most of us aren’t thinking about our holiday budgets yet.

Maybe you should be.

I recently did a little research and found out the the average American spent almost $900 on Christmas spending in 2014.

Sadly, the average American would have also put most, if not all, of this on a credit card. While a lot of people look for ways to earn Christmas money; most will resort to gaining debt.

That’s exactly why I decided to write this post early enough for you to put a plan in place, get busy and earn your holiday money with enough time to find the deals during Thanksgiving.

When I wrote my book it was to help people who find themselves needing extra cash. Maybe you have food on the table (a great blessing), but can’t afford to eat healthy. Or, you can keep your lights on, but there isn’t extra to put back or live a better life or to help others.

When I read that so many are going further into debt and spending an amount that they can easily earn; I decided to take my goal a bit further and specifically explain how you can make your holiday budget without finding out if it pays to discover or not.

Not only that I’m going to give you 5 different ways that you can earn that $900 (or more) over the next 6-7 weeks part time. Finally, I’m going to tell you exactly how I would make my Christmas budget if I was starting over right now (well, it’s one of the 5).

You can probably use any of the methods themselves, but will find it faster to use 2-3 different methods. Be careful not to overload yourselves by trying too many. There are pros and cons to each so use your best judgment.

Ready? Here we go!

1. Content Mills


Sites like iwriter and textbroker are great for helping you make money fast. With iwriter you can start earning within a few minutes, but it’s usually not very much. At around $2 per post you’ll have to write a novel’s worth of content between now and turkey day to make the full budget, but this can earn you an easy $50-100 while you’re waiting on the other methods to gain traction.

Pros- Fast Start, Plenty of Work, Quick Payout (usually weekly), Very few revisions

Cons- Low pay, range of topics

2. Upwork

Do You Write Blog Posts or Articles? copy

There are a lot of sites that help freelancers find work, but the giant in the game is definitely Upwork. Two of the top sites of Odesk and Elance merged to form the largest collection of freelancers looking for work and people who need work done. This is great for you since there are no shortage of writing gigs to be done. Bid on jobs that you are comfortable with, do the best you can, and earn the amount that agreed upon. You can easily earn your budget or more with this method alone depending on how ‘on the ball’ you are. There are others trying for the same gig so you’ll need to refine your approach. Lise Cartwright was able to quit her job within 12 months by solely finding work on sites like these. Check out some of her blog posts about it here, here and here.

Pros- Better pay than content mills, jobs requirements are posted clearly, fairly quick turn around

Cons- Bid against others, Sometimes waiting for Communication and Pay (not terribly long), Usually revisions

3. Job Boards


Some of the best paying jobs around can be found on job boards specifically for freelance writers. The biggest name in the game is the one on problogger. The person who needs work done has to pay $50 just to put the gig on to the site, so you know they are serious. There are many others easily found with a quick search. Although, while the potential pay for work is higher you are going to run into a lot of competition.

If you can land just a couple of repeat clients your budget may be in the bag, but don’t put all your eggs in this golden basket. Take a few minutes early in the day to apply for all the new jobs and maybe you’ll get a few before your buying stuffing for dinner.

Pros- High paying, Usually great (long lasting) clients

Cons- Highest competition, slowest turnaround time (sometimes weeks to hear back)

4. Guest Blogs


Guest blogging has been around as long as the internet, but usually it’s to get your name out there. It’s is still very good means to do that, but a lesser known fact is that some webmasters actually pay you to write for their blogs! As a matter of fact I will pay you to write for this blog!! Just take a look at the requirements here and I will give $25 for every post that meets my standards. If you’re not ready to write about writing there are many others that you can find on this great post. These usually pay really well, but require you to come up with a great idea for a post suited to the audience of the site. In some cases, you’ll have to write the entire post without knowing whether or not it will be accepted.

Pros- Great pay, Gets your name out a little bit, Fast(ish) turnaround

Cons- Your ideas, Potential for being declined

5. Find Your Own Clients (The method I would use)


There are no shortage of ways to make money with your writing. This post suggests some that can help you make it through the holidays with a little less financial stress. Although, finding your own clients can help set you up for continued success even after the presents are open.

Getting your own clients is the best way to make a steady business of freelancing in whatever field you’re in, but it takes thick skin and persistence. If I was looking at an empty bank account and the ’tis the season’ season staring me in the face here’s exactly what I would do.

-Figure out what I like and could write about easily (Careers/Jobs I’ve had, Hobbies I’m good at, Degrees, etc.).

-Go to and get someone to collect a list of emails to 400 blogs about that niche topic for around $30.

-Send out 100 emails Monday-Thursday using Streak Mail Merge with a businessy sounding Gmail address telling them why I’m an expert and what I can do for them (write great content).

-Respond to all inquiries saying that I write the content for $xx apiece or $xxx for 5+.

-Get some work. Do it well and hopefully get some more from the same people.

Boom. That’s it. If you want to get real fancy you can send a follow up email to all of the people who didn’t respond to the first one and get even more clients (I’d wait a week or two before doing this).

I hope this post will not just motivate you, or inspire you, or insert buzz word here you. I want you to buy good gifts for your loved ones and give to a good charity and not get out your credit card. Plain and simple.

Pros- Set your own rates, Write about a familiar topic, No 3rd party

Cons- You get told no or don’t hear back, minor investment, Going out and getting clients who don’t know they need you yet

I really, really hope this helps. Let me know in the comments or by sharing with your friends. If you happen to make a little extra for your holidays then I would love to here by email.

Get busy!



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